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Types Of Handmade Paper !

Handmade paper offers varied textures, versatility, rich colors, romance and sensual quality. It explores and expands its uses in a wide range of products. Forming a blend of quality and color, these handmade papers can be classified into a wide range. They can be broadly classified on the basis of the material used to make handmade paper. Handmade papers can be made of various plant fibers and wood free fibers. Silk papers and vellum papers are also the most commonly used handmade papers.

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Indian Handmade Paper

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Indians hold the credit of having used paper from cellulose fibers during third century BC. Khanzadas were the traditional paper makers who started the art of handmade paper making at Tizara in Alwar district of Rajasthan. Indian handmade papers are made from cotton. The cotton is ground, flattened, hung to dry and later cut into size. Some papers have been silk screened or have natural inclusions, such as flowers or bark, added to them.

Certain Indian villages have been making papers with a blend of traditional and Western methods since the 1940's. Only a few make artist quality papers and these villages have a workforce of skilled papermakers. A terrific assortment of Indian handmade papers available in a spectrum of colors, range of sizes, intricate designs, and beautiful textures is a matter of pride and glamour to the Indians. Globally also, Indian handmade papers are used with delight for a number of projects. There is no limit to the uses of these papers and there is no defined quality of these papers. Indian handmade paper possesses an unmatchable, unique and stunning quality.

Indian Handmade Paper Industry

The Indian handmade paper industry produces a variety of paper and paper products. India is a renowned country in terms of paper industry. Availability of raw materials for making paper and existing infrastructural facilities offer good scope for development of special varieties of handmade paper in the North East. It also has an added advantage to earn from world market.

Due to increased literacy, industrialization, modernization and development by 2000 AD, the per capita consumption of paper in India may increase from the existing level of 3 kg. to 4.5 kg. The demand for paper is expected to increase from existing 21 lakh tones (1991-92) to 37.9 lakh tones by 2000 AD, while supply will reach only 27.7 lakh tones. Indian paper industry has earned a good name globally and is secured both in the import and export market. ..........More

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