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Handmade Paper Care Tips !

Paper collections include several broad categories of objects. Drawings, prints and watercolors are valued primarily for their visual appeal and are meant to be displayed or enjoyed. Photographs, mementos or souvenirs are also looked occasionally. Books or documents are also referred to on regular basis. Good care and handling of these Handmade Paper Products is necessary.


Paper is made using a pulp. The pulp should be properly stirred while making paper.
Required amount of dye should be added to the pulp. If the amount added is more it will give the shade of that color and if the amount added is less, it will give a tint of that color.
The mold and deckle should be placed closely sticked to each other for removing the pulp from the mixture.
When mottling a paper dried materials should be properly blended.
To get different surface texture, different treatment is given to the paper.
In order to display a work of art on paper safely, it is helpful to work with a reputable framer.
Acid free board should be used to mat art works.
Avoid the use of pressure sensitive tapes directly on valuable papers.
Modern prints and photographs are prized in part for their unblemished surface qualities.
Avoid uniframes or sandwich frames that are clipped together without an edge. They allow pollutants and dust to get to the work.
Photographs may also be bound into albums or scrapbooks.
Handmade paper& handmade paper products should be kept away from moisture.
Handmade paper & handmade paper products should be kept away from high temperature as this might cause the paper & paper products to become brittle and damp.
Handmade papers are best stored in flat files. Wooden flat files are better than metal files because wooden files stabilize relative humidity and do not rust.
Interleaving with acid free tissue between sheets of handmade paper is also advisable.
Acid free boards should be place on top and bottom of the flat file to avoid migration of acids.
It is important when buying paper to hold it to the light, to determine its hardness or softness, textures, and how much light it reflects. ......... More

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